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The History of The Salvation Army in Canada

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The History of The Salvation Army in Saint John NB.

On April 20th 1885, the Salvation Army held their first gathering in Saint John at King’s Square. The papers reported that 3000 people were present and the police were friendly, even helped selling the “War Cry”, the SA magazine. 


In 1907, Saint John had a visit by the founder William Booth, who was known as the ‘Prophet of the Poor’.


The Salvation Army held a Diamond Jubilee celebration (Sixty Years) in Saint John on April 20-22, 1945.


With a poverty level that  far exceeds the national average and a child poverty level that is equal to that of sections of Toronto, (highest in the country), Saint John has more than its share of residents who live on the margins of our society. The Salvation Army has been in Saint John for more than 130 years serving and caring for the most vulnerable of our city.